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Pink :icondiablong-buang:diablong-buang 1 3 Signals (Over the Air) :icondiablong-buang:diablong-buang 0 0 Between Earth and Sky :icondiablong-buang:diablong-buang 0 0 Drowning in Neon :icondiablong-buang:diablong-buang 0 0 Please Do (Not) Steal Our Feathers :icondiablong-buang:diablong-buang 0 0 Swimming in Blue :icondiablong-buang:diablong-buang 0 0 Poisonous Dreams :icondiablong-buang:diablong-buang 1 0
Classes are Now Suspended
"Classes are Now Suspended"
Today I wanted to kiss the person beside me inside the bus. It did not matter that I barely knew the person, and that he was a boy. I want to say "I love you" to the next person who greets me. I want to give hugs and kisses for free. I want to bathe in the rain, come home to dry myself, and pretend my jacket was you. The jacket that I wear almost everyday, I'll name it after you. I'll call my guitar by your second name, and play Wonderful Tonight tonight. I want to call my piano by your third name. My fondest dream is to play Chopin's Etude with you. I've kept three pictures of you: relaxed, happy and radiant. The rain reminds me of Seven Mile Fragrance, which is the only thing I have from you.
So I say to the rain: I love you. I love you. I love you.
:icondiablong-buang:diablong-buang 0 0
Re: (no subject)
In the crowd I am invisible
and you're so in demand
Everybody wants you
and I do, too
So I'll hide you in this suitcase
take you to my workplace
Every day...
I'll let you watch me fall apart
Your smile, partly hidden, partly overlooked
Your make up doesn't do justice to your lips
And for a moment ... I hate you
How fickle minded I am
So I'll stay away from this place
where I can't be seen
you won't ever notice me
I have nothing more to give, so
take my excuses.
They will never understand
what you mean to me
(You probably don't get it either)
You're just another
reason to die
But you are also my friend
One who won't let my tears dry
Who won't let me be untrue
and for that I must
thank you.
:icondiablong-buang:diablong-buang 0 0
The Dove that Soared
The Dove that Soared
(as the chorus swelled to a crescendo)
We march to the beat of their drums
when all I wanna do is run away
These careful steps over the two-inch
Resistance is futile
Impossible to escape
They say we need to focus
but try to fill us with concerns
They say we are limitless
but try to fit us in a box
Drowned out melodies
And soon,
even the beat is lost
How do we live with this dilemma?
Infinity is the escape velocity.
So make her a pair of wings
and let her defy gravity
Above all the distractions,
she makes my heart sing.
These careful steps along the thin line
Escape is futile
Impossible to resist
The dove soars above us
The warm glow surrounds us
She wraps her arms around me
and I am safe for she is Love
She is admirable in uniform
Inspiring in her roles
but most beautiful in her freedom
:icondiablong-buang:diablong-buang 0 0
... and so it starts and ends, in the Key of D.
In every era
brothers and sisters
fighting for a cause
An end of an era
fathers and mothers
accept their defeat
:icondiablong-buang:diablong-buang 1 0
To be a fool again
"Purpose" and "meaning" losing all their significance
This book with only photographs of a past life
because the present one is unbearable
What does it mean to be here?
What does it mean to be now?
Cruel justice
and artistic angles
    Enforce the law now
taking control
          A dangerous look,
yet you smile
    Kill this sinner now
         with innocent eyes
Foolishly laughing
    Embrace this emptiness
foolishly crying
    and call it yours
foolishly knowing
    and like a grown adult
For I am your sins
    I learn to be lost
and you are my salvation
Are you confused?
Surely you are here
Surely I am now
Or is it just an illusion?
You're the other side of me
Your face was all the recognition I needed
I long to be with you again
and this wish will never be forgiven
my wish can never be forgiven
:icondiablong-buang:diablong-buang 0 0
Stock Characters in an All-Female Setting
Morning Nightingale
sang until her final breath
(but) nobody listened
The Princess Charming
just a damsel in distress
with no one to save (her)
The Godless Priestess
conducting the funeral
while she's dying too
(and so are you)
:icondiablong-buang:diablong-buang 1 3
"Kulasa" Tagalog version
Parang awa mo na, 'wag kang
maaawa sa akin
kapag nakita mo akong umiyak
Hindi mo lang alam, ang luha ko
ay dahil sa iyo
kaibigan kong mahal
'Wag kang mag-alala, AYOS lang ako
dahil "sa puso ko,
nag-iisa lang kayo"
Parang awa mo na, sana lang
ipakita mo sa akin
kung papaano
sa iyo,
ang lahat ng ito ay papurihan
English translation
I beg of you to listen, but don't
take pity on me
when you see me weep
For you don't know, these tears
I cry for you
my dearest friends
Don't you worry, I am FINE
for "in my heart,
there is only one"
I beg of you, please
let me see
just how
in you,
all things may be glorified
:icondiablong-buang:diablong-buang 0 0
Ode to Grace
You greeted me with a smile in the hallway
Friendly though I'm practically a stranger
Someone so pure must surely be
The goddess’ messenger
No man would dare hurt you
Only a boy would try
and though he can wound, though he may hurt,
your heart will not be scarred forever
Heaven is on your side, so don't be afraid
of anything or anyone
Of your beauty, what can I say?
I should be content to hear you sing.
To see you smile and laugh.
I may die in peace just knowing you exist.
:icondiablong-buang:diablong-buang 0 0
Keepers of Pandora's Boxes
Stay close, stay closed
Nobody needs to know
Who we are and what we hold

Isn't it strange?
A strange karma indeed
We need to suppress ourselves
In order to live
Fix the barrier around us
Keep the lock at a safe distance
And stay away from the key
The voices said, don't reveal your strengths
Stay closed, closed,
Closed until the revolution comes
Then your power will be needed in the world
Be patient, patient,
Patient, and that time will come
Your time will come...
But I grew tired of pretending
And I grew impatient
I want to be free, I said,
I want to be me.
I ran from the barrier
And away from the lock
Until the key found me
And stabbed me in the heart
The key said, show me your strength
Show me, show me,
Show me what you can do
If that is all that you are capable of,
Then you are worthless, worthless,
Worthless, and I don't want you
Nobody wants you...
Isn't it strange?
A strange karma indeed
We need to suppress ourselves
In order to live
Farewell, my dear partner
I've made a h
:icondiablong-buang:diablong-buang 1 0

Random Favourites

:failmagic: :iconmrichston:Mrichston 16 14
Diversity is a sin
                    To which we are all punished
:iconmeetnaturalselection:MeetNaturalSelection 3 14
Street Addiction :icongizmodus:gizmodus 223 56
how to be honest
i was 14 and in love, i was 14 and crying
under a blue trampoline, deciding that day would be a good day
to save my dinner money
for something more important.
i learnt the hard way that stuffing lies behind my ribcage did nothing
but aided them to grow so tall  they fell through
and banged hard,
like a ten man band reminding me
that I have swimming pools full of care to give
and nobody to take it,
I just tie my hair back and take off my shoes,
swallow my heart again and let it soak my eyes.
the pathological drinker by my feet cannot help,
the bulimia in my fingertips does not get it out fast enough
And safety pins are not that safe at all.
these lungs have lost half their capacity in twenty seconds,
while my brain cells thirst
for twice as much,
i have a million problems like these
burrowed in paper cuts, in my bedsprings,
where my chest lay in 189 pieces.
i am small, but i still i told you a secret
that weighed six fat-years more than me.
i was surprised when your leg did no
:iconinmyroom:inmyroom 58 29
:countsheeps: :iconmrichston:Mrichston 841 289
            On the bedpost.
            You left and never returned to take back.
            On the mantel above the fireplace.
            You left and failed to remember.
            On the doorknob.
            You left and didn't clean up.
            On the gate.
            You left.
:iconl0stwhispers:l0stwhispers 9 33
Dream No Longer
Dream No Longer
I once dared to dream,
But I dream no longer.
I once dared to hope,
But now that hope is gone from me.
I've traveled far,
I've fought hard,
Yet still here I stand.
I once dreamt of a place far away
Where you and I were free to dance barefoot in the rain.
I fell and you followed suit.
We laughed together in the grass,
Yet the mud did not stick...
Nothing could dirty us in a place
Drenched with the tears of our laughter.
I once dreamt that we flew
Through a vast sea of stars,
And tossed around the planets.
Yet no life was disrupted...
No harm could be done
In a universe where we were together.
My dreams used to be so wonderful,
I used to fight the sunrise in order to stay asleep that much longer,
Yet now my dreams have changed.
I now dream of us dancing in the rain,
Yet I always begin to melt,
And you continue to dance joyfully.
Do I mean so little?
I now dream of us flying through a sea of stars,
Yet I fly too close to the sun,
And my wings burn to ashes.
Why do
:iconitchitaka:Itchitaka 10 38
For A Moment....
Imagine silent tears
Touched by the smile of a child
In a given moment
We realize
The precious love of innocence
Cherishing every second
Shaking us away from our own
tragic reality
Once again to remember...
Dreams long
And have tranquil, happy thoughts
If only ...
For a moment...
:iconshivarra:Shivarra 6 64
are you going to do something? :iconartistsagainstwar:artistsagainstwar 55 53 focus on one thing :iconangel-soul:Angel-Soul 27 40
Behind Freindly Lines
Said Number One to Number Two
I've just declared a war
We've lost a million soldiers
So we'll need a million more
And here is how we'll get them
Go for teenage girls and boys
They're longing for adventure
And they have no other choice
Said Number Two to Number Three
Lets get recruiting up
We're losing to many soldiers
And slipping off the top
So get round every city
And play off national pride
Brainwash the young, cajole the old
Lets get them all onside
Said Number Three to Number Four
We need some more reserves
So let us start now with the young
Train every boy and girl
About honour and glory
How our countries the best
In ten years time they'll be fighting
Alongside all the rest
But funny how these powerful men
Yes One, Two, Three and Four
They may start it and build it up
But they don't fight this war
They leave it up to 'lesser' men
To fight for their country
While they sit back, double the guards
As safe as safe can be.
:iconrelativestranger:relativestranger 3 12
Perspective :iconskatefreak14:Skatefreak14 5 9 Etoile :icondeluca:deluca 36 166 smile :iconfuriousfreek:furiousfreek 12 20 Aran Sunset :iconneo-wolf06:Neo-Wolf06 15 63
Check these out, they're just amazing! Cheers from 4 YEARS of dA.


  • Listening to: The Corrs
  • Watching: How I Met Your Mother
  • Eating: rice and various viands
  • Drinking: medicine and various supplements
It's been four days now of total emptiness. It's not even loneliness or depression, just staring at a black hole, feeling nothing.

If anything, I'm slightly annoyed at my lack of emotions. Some people would think having no feelings would be useful, they're probably right, but it erases all enjoyment from life. I don't even enjoy food. I eat for nutritional value, and so I can drink my meds safely. I got sick last weekend, but nothing serious. No, my big problem isn't physical or even mental. It's much deeper, on the emotional and spiritual side of things. Unless I caught some new strain of flu that hacks into the brain, or something.

I've been googling "emptiness" and related phrases and was terribly disappointed. It's always tied with depression, suicide, and some (far more serious) psychiatric disorder where the only advice is to seek professional help and drink psych meds. Considering that the ones making those websites are pros too, it seems my condition is still largely unknown to the medical community.

Being depressed or hating yourself is NOT emptiness. At least not emptiness as I experience it. Depression and sadness and anger are things, they are emotions and as such, have power that can be turned around. But what about un-feeling, or having feelings at such a weak level that nothing matters? Maybe I need to get hurt, to be hit with something so bad as to fire off so many neurons that even emotions are activated. But I can't ask someone to give me such a treatment without seeming either a masochist or a hopeless case.

Maybe I am a hopeless case...


Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello! :)

I like art, but not as much as I like music and literature.
I write poetry and flash fiction; not much lately, but there are some works in progress. I also do traditional art in oil pastel and acrylic paint.

Kind of a hermit right now. Feel free to comment or send a note. I don't bite people.


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